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Im still here…

Hi just incase you were all wondering if i had fallen off the planet…i havent!! this week has been stupendously hideous..first my little boy Leo got croupe so spent hours at the hospital with him and that also meant no sleep for Leo, me or my hubby dear for quite a few nights so we are exhausted but little man is now on the mend so hooray! Tuesday was my birthday which we all spent ill. With Leo being unwell and then i had a cold which has turned to sinusitus (extremely painful) which by the way im still not over, my head feels like im getting constantly punched while having a thousand needles stabbing me so not very pleasant and that’s why i haven’t got much done.  Think i may have to leave everything for a bit longer until im well enough to carry on.  Anyway hope everyone else is having a better time than i.  be back soon 

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