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Good morning everyone, I have put the tutorial on here but I dont think its clear on how to find it (modern technology..give me pen and paper any day). Right so when you click on tutorial it will come up with a form just above the form you can click on “tissue box tutorial” on my smart phone its written in blue but my pc its highlighted in a different colour so it could be different for you to. Give it a go if it still doesnt come up drop me an email and ill email a copy direct to you.  thanks everyone have a lovely day xx

10 thoughts on “Tutorial

  1. I can’t find the tutorial for the tissue box. I am glad I am not the only one that likes pen and paper!!! Thanks for emailing it to me.



    1. Brilliant im so glad. Thank you so much for the feedback. Keep checking my blog as I am currently working on more tutorials for previous projects. Please let everyone know where my blog is as I love to hear from everyone.

      Thanks again



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