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Desk caddy survival kit

Hey everyone, after a grey and soggy start to the day the sun has come out and its lovely and bright. I love winter its my favourite season (well I was born in december) I love all the dark evenings, getting warm and cosy and drinking hot chocolate, but I will admit the sun coming out has given me  lift somehow it seems to lift everyones spirits.
During my last blog I had an epiphany, I seem to plod along for a while then, bam! An idea will hit me which is how the tissue boxes were born! This time though I have come up with a desk caddy survival kit. It has three compartments, the larger one I have put a nail file in and hand lotion although you cant see it I think it fell over, I had some mints to but everyone stole them!  I added some ribbon to a couple of paper clips, then put business cards in the smaller compartment and pens in the other. The base has sticky notes and I added a calendar holder. I was going to attach the calendar but I thought there isnt much point as it will run out so the way I have done it the holder is stuck down and the calendar can be replaced. I will put a tutorial together if anyone is interested. Thanks for stopping by, be back soon. Take care x


28 thoughts on “Desk caddy survival kit

  1. I have just started following you and I am so loving all that you have done. I hope you do a tutorial on this because I would love to make it. These would make great gifts for Teachers at Christmas or the office ladies. Oh I can’t wait for the tutorial Thank you for sharing all of your great ideas. Blessings


  2. This is awesome….would make a great teachers gift. Would love a copy of the tutorial if possible please. Thanks in advance.


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