Sliding gift box

Hello everyone.  I hope you are starting to see the sun wherever you are like we are. Its a beautiful morning here, already took leo to feed the ducks and chicks and the enormous fish. We are lucky we have a fort here with a moat and ive been going there since a child myself to feed the ducks, swans fish and even some terrapins!
So, with all the lovely smellies I had to work with I have been coming up with ways to package them. The first installment is this sliding gift box. Really easy to make and I will be adding tutorials soon.I used abit of each of the items I had plus added some candles who doesnt enjoy candles when pampering?
Enjoy and ill be back tomorrow.
Feel free to leave comments if you wish I do love reading them all.



One thought on “Sliding gift box

  1. I love how this box looks. I think it would be a great shower favor for everyone!!!! Thanks for making and sharing all your talent with us!!!


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