Hang in there!!

Hello everyone,  to start your day off today is another little box which i couldn’t resist using the new hostess stamp set Nuts about you,  its adorable and i picked just two of the set which has in total 11 stamps, fab!!

Similar to the other posts I have used the new cardstock and paperstack.  The box measures 2 3/4″ x 1 3/8″ x 1 3/4″ (6.9cm x3.4cm x 4.4cm)

To make the base of the box you need some cardstock that measures 4 1\2″ x 5 3\8″ (11.4cm x 13.6cm)

with the 4 1/2″(11.4cm) at the top score at 1 5/16″ (3.3cm) and 3 1/8″(7.9cm) then turn the cardstock and score at 1 3/8″ ( 3.4cm) and 4 1/16″(10.3cm) cut up the four corners to make the tabs and adhere in place.

For the lid use cardstock or dsp that measures 4 7/16″ (11.2cm) x 5 1/2″(13.9cm) with the 4 7/16″(11.2cm) at the top score at1 5/16″ (3.3cm) and 3 1\8″(7.9cm) turn and score at 1 3/8″(7.9cm) and 4 1/8″(10.4cm) cut up the four corners to make tabs and adhere to sides.

Thats all there is to it a simple but lovely box.

Have a great day x

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