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Glass tealight holder

hi everyone just uploaded a post but the pictures didnt come out so im trying again. I hope you are all enjoying the sun and now the holidays. Today is a tealight holder great as a thankyou for a host of a bbq or party obviously dont burn it in the cardstock holder.



Measurements are here
Cardstock 6″x7″ (15.2cm x 17.7cm)
With the 6″ side along the top score at 1″(2.5cm), 1 1/2″(3.8cm), 2″(5cm), 4″(10.1cm) and 4 1/2″(11.4cm)
Then turn the cardstock and score the 7″ side at 2″(5cm), 4″(10.1cm), 4 1/2″(11.4cm), 6 1/2″(16.5cm)
Heres a pic of what it should look like to help.


As always get in touch if you need anything or have any questions.
Suzy x

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