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Hello everyone

Hello everyone

Sorry its been a while, there has been so much going on here its just been hectic.

i hope you all had a fantastic Halloween, we did,  I took my little boy out trick or treating and he came back with a bucket full of goodies which he is still getting through now.  Its so nice to see houses decorate for halloween and make an effort im sure there are more each year.  I make sure our house is decorated and have plenty of treats on hand for the visitors.  Then came bonfire night which was great I do love a good display of fireworks and my son Leo 3, is getting more used to them now although he calls them thunder works hehe!!

Its been so busy with all this going on and then there are open days at University’s that my daughter has booked so we made an epic trip to one which we were in the car for about 6 hours all together…it was a long day! But it was a great university so its time for Holly to make her decisions on where she wants to apply, talking of applying I have had to apply for Leo’s school place for next year to…why does everything happen all at once and with Christmas coming up to!!!!

Well im getting back to crafting, i have missed it so much and im getting all excited with a delivery due and christmas projects waiting to be done its back to working all hours to get everything done.

Rest assured though I will be back very soon with christmas projects for you all.

Thank you everyone

Suzy x

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