Christmas 2014

Vellum tealight gift


Good morning all I hope you are having a fantastic weekend, relaxing or getting your christmas preparations in order.

We have had our decorations up since 4th November!! we love christmas in our house.  The outside of the house is decorated as well as inside theres something so comforting about the tree lights twinkling away and being all cosy indoors out of the cold.  Our household has started the whole festivities by decorating, watching christmas films (i cant tell you how many times i have seen home alone and holiday inn over the last few weeks) we have had the christmas music on and eaten some sweeties and chocolates, we have had christmas scented candles burning away.  The baking is ongoing I have made the christmas puddings and a christmas cake which it wouldn’t be christmas without either. We have also done a gingerbread house which is highly decorated and sitting proudly on the breakfast bar.  Leo has been taking part to, I got some moulds in the shape of christmas trees and we melted chocolate and leo made his tree treats.  Yesterday I made shortbread and tiffin so now to think of what’s next……mince pies perhaps although I must admit I prefer to make mincemeat muffins they are so very tasty and christmas in every bite.  Shopping is underway to…its non stop don’t you just love it??

So now with my tummy rumbling I shall get back to todays project which is a tealight gift.  Its made with the envelope punch board and a small piece of vellum the idea came from my upline Sam (pootles) from her party week tealight favour i just changed the paper and decoration.  I have used vellum for the box and then wrapped linen thread around it and attached two little punches and a sentiment to it and i think its rather pretty, and in keeping with the festivities inside the tealight is a glittery cinnamon and apple scented tealight. Gorgeous.


3 7/8″ x 3 7/8″ (9.8cm x 9.8cm)

punch and score at 1 1/2″ (3.8cm) and 2 3/8″ (5.9cm)

Back tomorrow with the next project

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