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Horse box using Stampin’ Up! supplies

horse box

Hello everyone!

Todays project…..A horse gift box, its gorgeous i love the barnyard babies stamp set.  Its so easy to comeplete a project using this stamp set to if you are stuck on a design or sentiment.

i have just finished working on the tutorials for the next few projects and im thinking of staggering them so they come out every other day.  So this project will be followed by the next one on saturday.

I seem to go through stages of making lots of projects scheduling them all out then i end up playing catch up trying to get more out.  So im going to try and take some pressure off myself.

I have so much going on at the moment what with the other website and making items for that and then i have stuff going on in my other working life its just crazy at the moment and now the summer holidays are upon us the house is in constant uproar!!

So you can Click Here for the pdf of this project which also has the supply list to.

If you would like to order your supplies through me online 24/7 you can simply Click here to shop or if you would like to join me then you can Click here to join

Have a wonderful rest of the day

Suzy x

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