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Death by chocolate box using Stampin’ Up! supplies

Hello everyone!

Are you loving the new holiday catalogue?  Its gorgeous and im loving it.

I have a halloween project for you today.  Last year i did a halloween series but this year i think im just gonna bring all the halloween and christmas projects out from now on with a few non holiday projects.  I have been pretty busy lately my daughter is preparing to leave home this weekend for university and my son has just started school so its hectic here and i have been organising my desk and im planning on organising every single room in the house.  I have also been making holiday projects so far i have 8 halloween and 12 christmas.

So todays project is the Death by Chocolate box

You can download the Supply list pdf here and the  directions here

In the box i added some hershey kisses which have been on their travels before getting to me! My sister in law picked them up in florida for me then took them to her home in France then my dad went over to France and picked them up and bought them to the UK for me lol have you heard of a hershey kiss being so well travelled?

This is a cute and easy box and you can make loads out of your paper so they would be great to do for your childrens friends or family members.

Heres a couple of pics for you

death by choc 1    death by choc 2


Suzy xx

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